Access Pipeline

  • Access Pipeline

Detailed scope:

Access Pipeline Inc. (“Access”) is owned by Devon NEC Corporation and MEG Energy Corp., each with an undivided 50% working interest. Access is responsible for all activities of the Joint Venture which has been formed to construct, operate and own the pipeline system assets. The Access head office is located in Calgary, Alberta, with the pipeline control centre and field operations based at the Sturgeon Terminal near Redwater, Alberta.

The system has been developed to primarily accommodate two steam assisted gravity drainage heavy oil producing facilities owned by Devon NEC Corporation and MEG in the Christina Lake area of northeast Alberta, where two heavy oil batteries are connected to the pipeline.

DCC was engaged to work with Access Pipeline to:

  • Develop and Assess strategic alternatives to create value for the Corporation and develop assessments and recommendations for those alternatives.
  • Developing and constructing a Financial Model to include an Economic Model and 5 year pro forma Financial Statements to the level required to analyze the identified strategic alternatives.
  • Create valuation cases from the Integrated Economic/Financial Model to demonstrtae growth and valuation scenarios