Dargewitcz Consulting

Integrated Financial Consulting Services

Dargewitcz Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of financial consulting services for companies looking to achieve their goals and growth aspirations. Whether the organization is in start up mode or a multinational looking to achieve aggressive growth targets, our financial consulting services can create a clear path to success. Dargewitcz Consulting's years of experience, combined with deep technical expertise, distinguish it for its strategic analysis work. This includes services such as:

  • Strategic Financial Modeling - this involves the valuation of the various elements of the business leading to the development of Capital Formation options and potential Financing alternatives needed to achieve the business strategy.
  • Strategy and Business Plan Development - this includes developing or refining the Strategy and Business Plan to ensure the organization has the resources, structure and alignment necessary to meet its objectives.
  • Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestments and Due Diligence - this encompasses the analysis and decision support necessary for MA&D options, as well as any required due diligence activities.

Dargewitcz Consulting can also provide CFO support services that can lend credibility to organizations in the start up phase or provide advice to large multinationals looking for additional senior financial resources.

In addition, Dargewitcz Consulting can also offer Training and Development in key areas in which it has expertise having previously designed, developed and moderated Courses for organizations such as the Certified Management Accountants of Alberta, and Sproule.

In today's fast paced and rapidly evolving economic environment, Dargewitcz Consulting can offer organizations the tools they need to achieve their goals and growth aspirations, and has the experience and expertise to help organizations chart a path to sound financial analysis and decisions.