Switchable Solutions Inc

  • Switchable Solutions Inc

Detailed scope:

Switchable Solutions is a new clean chemical process technology company and we bring potential solutions for bitumen recovery and more. The company is the first spin-off from the Green Centre Canada, an industrial accelerator dedicated to commercializing emerging Green Chemistry innovations originating from academia and industry.

The Switchable Solutions team is now focused on bringing business solutions to bitumen recovery operations as well as other industrial processes currently using traditional organic solvents such as plastics recycling and seed oil extraction.

DCC was engaged to:

  • Develop and construct an Integrated Financial Model to include an Economic Model and 5 year Pro Forma Financial Statements (Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet) to meet the Corporation’s needs following the steps and processes outlined in DCC’s  Strategic Financial Modeling and Financing Road Map Process
  • Assist in the valuation of the enterprises and its projects using the Integrated Financial Model
  • Conducting a financial review to review and analyze the financial history of the firm, appropriateness of controls and procedures, and provide recommendations for areas where issues have been identified.